Dr Sarah Felton










Expertise in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment

Dr Felton has particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. This includes basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and rarer skin tumours. She offers:

Skin and mole checks

Facial skin cancer surgery and reconstruction

Skin cancer surgery elsewhere on the body

Mohs micrographic surgery: a specialized technique where Dr Felton removes the skin cancer under microscopic control to preserve the most normal skin

Photodynamic therapy (light therapy for the treatment of certain skin cancer and pre-cancerous lesions)

Cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen used to freeze skin lesions)

Comprehensive Skincare

All consultations and treatments take place with Dr Felton personally. She will perform all procedures and you will see her at your follow up consultations. A full range of dermatological services is offered including:

General Dermatology for adults and children

Acne, rosacea



Rashes including photosensitivity

Dermatology Surgery

Skin biopsy and lumps & bumps removal









USA fellowhip-trained procedural dermatologist Dr Sarah Felton offers skin surgery, clinical dermatology skin care services and cosmetic skin treatments at The Churchill Hospital, Old Road, Oxford, OX3 7LJ.

Telephone 01865 228222

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